10 tips on how to be an authentic Andalucia

Travelling is immersing yourself in other cultures, living experiences, knowing new places and interacting with the locals. If you plan to spend your holidays in Cádiz or enjoy a getaway, you will have heard about the magic of its beaches, charming villages like Vejer and the beauty of this land in numerous articles published in the media

Everything in Cádiz is genuine. Its history, its people, its freshness, its charm... And you, do you want to become Andalucian for a few days? Here are some ideas that you should keep in mind to live an authentic experience at the southern end of the map:

Vacaciones en el sur, Vejer
Noches de verano en Corredera 55.

  • The most important thing when you come to Cádiz is to leave behind worries and problems and enjoy this land of charm. Everything is lived with a lightness of touch.
  • Take a siesta after eating lunch. It’s too warm to be out walking in the mid-afternoon sun. The best time to enjoy Vejer is either before midday or in the evening.

Vacaciones en el sur, Vejer, Tetería del Califa
Terraza panorámica de la Tetería del Califa.

  • Have a beer or wine in a relaxed and leisurely way at noon. We recommend the Tetería del Califa with spectacular views of the Dehesa Montenmedio.
  • Don’t stick your umbrella in the sand and expect that’s enough. How many times have we seen the typical picture of the umbrella flying down the beach and and its owners running after it?  When the famous Levante wind blows locals know to tie down their umbrella to a plastic bag filled with sand.

Vacaciones en el sur, playa de Zahora, Cádiz
Playa de Zahora. Foto AndalucíaSur.

  • Many locals live without air-conditioning. How do they do this? Lower the blinds during the hottest hours to keep out the heat then late evening open everything up again to let the cool in. That way you’ll wake up to a fresh bedroom and living space in the morning.
  • Book ahead. All the good restaurants are fully booked days ahead (and weeks in the case of the Jardín del Califa).

Vacaciones en el sur, restaurante el Jardín del Califa en Vejer
El Jardín del Califa, el restaurante más emblemático de Vejer.

  • Of course, be careful with parking because in summer it is not easy to find parking in the center of the old town. We always recommend our customers to book it in advance. The closest car park to the Califa is the underground parking La Corredera. Parking in the green zone is for residents only from 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. depending on the area. In August keep in mind that from  the 10th. to the 24th.  due to town festivities parking is even more complicated.
  • In Vejer the sunsets are magical. A perfect corner for watching the sun go down is Corredera 55, the Califa Group’s principal restaurant on the orange tree lined paseo. Enjoy Mediterranean dishes with an international touch that.

Vacaciones en el sur, puesta de sol en el restaurante Corredera 55
Puestas de sol con encanto en Corredera 55.

  • Finally and very important, if you want to be a true ‘gaditano’ you must take things with philosophy, humour and patience and laugh even at your own shadow.