Provisional Access to the Califa

Getting to the Califa during pedestrianisation of the Corredera

Important information on getting to La Casa del Califa

Vejer’s main access to the old town, the calle Corredera, is currently being reformed as part of the partial pedestrianisation of the the historic quarter. Unfortunately this means that the main access to the hotel is now cut off. 

To get to the Plaza de España the easiest access from any of the three roads that arrive at Vejer is via the A-2229 popularly called La Cuesta de la Barca or Calle Retiro  (on Google Maps also the Vereda de Cantarranas). This road is opposite the only petrol station on the N-IV at the foot of Vejer. There is a yellow Califa sign marking the road.

This steep road has only one fork near the top. Stay straight on the road and it will take you into the Plaza de España. You can unload at the official unloading bay marked CyD Hotels 15 min. which is on the other side of the Plaza to the Califa.

If you have pre-booked our private car park the reception will give you your entry card. If you have opted for street parking the reception will advise you on available parking. 

PDF of this map