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Vejer de la Frontera
Cádiz 11150
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  • "Life without cake is possible but pointless"

Sheila Dewars recipes - the foundation for all the great desserts at Corredera 55. One of Ellie's grandmother's favourite sayings was - "I eat cake every day because somewhere it's somebodys' birthday". Sheila Dewar was a wise (and happy) lady.

Chocolate sundae with brownie, cookies, chocolate and vanilla sauce topped with whipped cream and caramel walnuts
Enough on it's own!
Lemon cheesecake pots with toasted meringue and almonds
Enjoy with an Oloroso sherry from Bodgega Gutierrez Colosia 3.00€
Orange, Almond & Pistachio cake with rosewater cream
Enjoy with an Amontillado sherry from Bodega Gutierrez Colosia 3.00€
White chocolate fondant filled with strawberry marmalade served with red berries
Enjoy with a Cava Rosada Artesanal 4.00€
Rainbow of macaroons - lemon, lime, mango, strawberry on vanilla cream 4ud. / 8ud.
8 pcs - 7.90 € Enjoy with a Cava Reserva from Perelada 4.00€
Chocolate mousse with flamed marshmallow
Enjoy with a Pedro Ximenez sherry from the Bodega Colosia Gutierrez 4.00€
'Tocino de cielo' caramel pudding from Andalucía - M. del Mar's secret recipe
Enjoy with an Orange Wine from our local bodega in Vejer 2.50€

10.00% VAT included